Private Conversation About Scaling With The People's Shark, Daymond John and Candy Valentino

f o u n d e r s.

12-Month Business Development Growth Program 

Founders Organization is a business consulting company focused on business development, entrepreneur education, growth and scale with targeted implementation along side mastery level mentorship from EXPERIENCED founders and business leaders. 

We’re different.  And that’s the reason we’ve been dubbed the “DISRUPTOR” in the business development space by WSJ, ABJ and InBusiness. 

We are not an internet marketing mastermind. 

We are not smoke and mirror social media marketing techniques. 

Founders business development program increases your business acumen in 8 core business areas which results in more revenue, faster scale and less money bleeding out of your bottom-line.
We dive deep on topics like:

▫️Business Operations
▫️Finance, KPI’s and Your Metrics 
▫️Architecting a Memorable Brand
▫️Recruitment, Hiring & Team Design
▫️Creating Cult Like Customers
▫️Successful Scaling Strategies 
▫️Marketing Mechanics
▫️Optimization & Systems

We are not about just more information… we are about implementation and execution.

HOW information applies to you and your business is far more important than the information itself. 

Anyone can regurgitate information that they found or learned on the Internet… 

But only a select few teach from decades of actual business experience building companies in diverse industries, leading teams with dozens of employees, managing multiple locations and doing million and millions in revenue. 

And that distinct difference, will mean EVERYTHING to you and your business. 

get the clarity you crave and
the clear direction you need to scale 
and grow your business.

What business support do you get
when you become a part of FOUNDERS?

Here is a snapshot of just some of the Founders benefits:

Join Founders Platinum or Founders Titans and receive 

  • Monthly trainings: Monthly meetings with the entire membership featuring structured trainings on 8 core business functions all related to entrepreneur education and business development, revenue growth, operations, financial structure and scale.
  • ​​expert consulting: Private, custom-tailored mastery level business consulting sessions (60 min. each) with 23 year business expert, Candy Valentino
  • ​Business Intensive Retreats: Private access to three 2-day business intensive retreats each focused around implementation and execution in a core business focus.
  • address critical issues: Professionally facilitated monthly Q&A's. Using our Ask - GiveTM methodology, you’ll be able to ask direct questions and receive invaluable guidance as well unlock resources for referral partners, vendors, potential clients and more.
  • MARKET Exposure: Focused member presentations highlighting you our Founders members, as well as interactive conversations from the network.
  • ​SUPPORT: An incredible group of other business owners, entrepreneurs and founders who are on the same path as you, looking to grow and scale their life and business.
  • ANNUAL LIVE CONFERENCE: Receive 2 VIP tickets to our 2 day in-person Founders Live Event to connect, collaborate and learn with the entire Founders Organization membership. (BONUS:  $7000 value)
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